Saturday, September 24, 2011

Glam Pumpkins

Fall is my favorite season by far.  I love the smells, colors and tastes!  When I think fall I think pumpkins, leaves, football games and yummy food.  Every year my family grows a huge pumpkin patch and my husband and I always raid the patch to find the best pumpkins.  This year is was a little different, I sent my sisters on a mission to grab specifically eight to ten pumpkins, I got four.  What?  Before picking the pumpkins two snakes were spotted in the patch, this scared everyone off, hence the four pumpkins.  I'm going to visit my parents this coming week and I'm so going in that patch, snakes or no snakes I need my pumpkins.

The four lonely pumpkins sat on my front steps for a while until I thought Glam Pumpkins!  I have a can of hot pink spray pant that has been screaming Use me, Use me!  My next thought glitter!!!!!  Pink and glitter go together like milk and cookies:)  My plan sprang into action as the little man and I gathered our supplies.  We were making polka-dot pumpkins with spray paint and glitter.

 I used an Manila folder to make dot templates.  The first templates I made I cut too close to the edge.  When I spray painted the paint went everywhere.  I used nail polish remover to clean the excess paint off the pumpkins.  I had to make new templates, this time I made the edges super thick to avoid future spray paint mishaps.   

A few options for the polka-dots.

My fave glitter, I've had this huge bottle since 2007!

 My templates with the thick edges.

First, tape the templates (notice these are my templates with thin edges, you need much thicker edges) to the pumpkin in desired areas.

Second, spray paint the dots, allow to dry, sprinkle with glitter, dry a little longer;)  I also tied a super cute ribbon on the stem from the Dollar Tree for an extra punch!

I'm trying to decide which is my favorite but I'm having a hard time, I like them all.

These were super easy to make, and I'm loving the cost...totally free.  I had all of the supplies on hand.  My little guy and I are in love with them;)    

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