Friday, August 26, 2011

It's a wig. It's a pet. No it's a wreath!

Some time ago I was totally inspired by The Nester's post about JuJu Hats.  This was the first time I came across these gorgeous creations, remember I'm new to blogland.  The Nester mentioned the blog Flutter Flutter and how its creator made her own version of  a JuJu hat out of yarn! Brilliant!  I headed to the nearest Michaels and spent a good fifteen minutes in the yarn section with my sisters and my screaming baby (who actually threw a number of items into my buggy unbeknown to me) pondering over yarn choices.  Rosa from Flutter Flutter used a wool yarn but I decided on a "regular" yarn that was on sale for $2.49.  My sisters and I each picked some yarn and were totally excited to get this project started.
My sister made her version of the yarn JuJu hat first and wasn't pleased with the way it turned out.  It looked a bit wimpy and she decided she should have used more yarn.  She then helped my other sister and I get started.  We used Rosa's tutorial and tweaked it a bit.  Here is the breakdown...

 Supplies: Yarn, Scissors, Tape, Pencil Staple Gun, Cardboard (to make a template) and lots of PATIENCE

Step 1: Cut a circle template out of cardboard.  This will be the backbone of your wreath.

 Step 2: Begin cutting yarn, cut pieces with an 1 inch overlay on each side of the cardboard.  Cut, cut, cut, you will need lots of yarn.

 Step 3: Once you have a decent size pile of yarn bundle it together with a strand of yarn.

Step 4: Begin cutting another bunch of yarn.  This time cut the yarn about 2 inches shorter than your first stack.  Once you have a decent size pile of yarn bundle it together with a strand of yarn.  You may or may not want to add a third stack.  I originally did but found it made my wreath too bunched up in the center so I took it out.

Step 5: Cut a circle in the middle of your cardboard.  You are going to pull a bit of your large bunch of yarn through the hole and secure with a stable gun.

Step 6: After you have the longer bunch of yarn attached to the cardboard begin attaching the shorter bunch.  Tie a piece of yarn around the center of the shorter bunch then tie that to the longer bunch.  You now have a strange creation before you.  This is where your work begins.  Spread the yarn out to cover the cardboard circle.  To make the yarn stay in place you will need tape.  Double-sided tape would work best but we used duct tape.  We folded the tape over on its self to make it double-sided, brilliant you say!  After you have your longer bunch of yarn placed begin arranging your short bunch.  Once again use tape to get the yarn to stay in its desired position.  You may also need to trim your wreath, wow this wreath is starting to sound like a pet!  At one point in this project my Grandma said it looked like a wig, but hey its now finished we know its a wreath.

 My sister and the little dude

 We had to take a minute and help the little dude get all this tape off his feet!  By the end of our project my dog had tape on her paws, no lie!

Step 6: Enjoy!

As you can see we made an array of different colors.  This was a fun project that took a lot longer than expected;)

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