Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pillows Ahoy!

My throw pillows were looking pretty sad.  They were too matchy... they were all green.  After running across some super cute fabric at Wal-Mart in the clearance bin I knew what I had to do.. sew some pillow cases.  I do not own a sewing machine (one is on my Christmas list) so I knew this was going to be a daunting task, I had to sew by hand.  I didn't even take home economics in high school, my sewing experience is pretty close to nada as you can get.  I did have a sad little sewing kit at home, a Ziploc back full of thread and assorted needles.  I choose three patterns all marked down to less than $1.40 for a little under a yard.  I simply measured the pillows I had on hand and cut my fabric out about one inch larger (on each side) than the pillow.  I made two pencil marks on the fabric, one was the mark to cut the other was the mark to sew on (remember I'm doing this by hand:) ).

I had some help along the way.

I then put a safety pin on each corner of the pillow and began sewing my little heart out.

  It actually wasn't so bad just time consuming.  Once I had three sides sewed together I ironed the fabric then turned it inside out.  I then stuffed my old pillow in the new case.  This was the trickiest part sewing the rest of the case shut around the pillow.  I ended up safety pinning my case together while I sewed so I could produce a nice clean line.  After I made three new pillow covers using my old pillows as stuffing, I grew brave a bought a bag of Poly-Fil for less than $4.00 to make my own pillow using my own dimensions.  This turned out just as well!  I love my new pillows.  The new patterns have spruced up my couch and actually my whole living room.  This was a quick and cheap change!  Now I just need to learn how to sew zippers in so I can interchange the pillow covers on a whim!

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  1. The pillows look fab! Very cute 'helper', I also need to learn how to sew zippers, eek!

  2. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! I found you at the newbie party and am glad I did! I am a new follower! I would love for you to link up your post at my Savvy HomeMade blog party at

  3. Thank you so much for linking up and partying at Home Savvy A to Z this week!

  4. They turned out great and you had such an adorable little helper!

    I would love for you to join us at “It’s a Party” today!

  5. You have the cutest little helper! He did such a b
    Fabulous job too ;)
    Kindest regards,
    Jennifer Ferrell


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